Cogs and Motors

I was going to regale you with yet another rambling complaint about something inane, in particular a report in the news today about how only 33% of people utilize their garages for storage of, well, amazingly enough, automobiles.  I thought “That’s just insane. That’s ludicrous. That’s a statistic that proves to me once and for all that people need a swift kick in the posterior…” and many other “That’s..” but I will complete that thought with the following:

People, you keep too much crap.  If this were caveman times, your hoarding would only mean your cave would become a haven for disease and vermin.  Your garage is for your car. Your basement is for your crap.  You are not a mega-millionairre who needs to have a home entertainment venue in your basement.  That is what your livingroom is for.  Having a house where your garage is closer to the curb than your house looks ridiculous, moronic, dumb.  Having said garage full of camping gear, tools and boxes of things you just wont part with makes you look like one of those freaks we all laugh at on those TLC shows.  Downsize.  Stop the stupid…

Enough on that.

My quick ramble today is based on discussions I have had with disgruntled friends of late.  Friends who work extended hours, take work home, feel some obligation to meet or try desperately to meet insane deadlines set by bosses who have no grasp of reality.  Friends who put work ahead of person, who miss school concerts so they can attend a going away party at the office.  Friends who spend their evenings if not working, thinking about work, stressing about work and drinking about work.

Stop it. (Maybe I am inventing my own catchphrase here)

Stop the Stupid.

I want to go on and on with my usual rambling but as usual I have a succinct way of looking at things. I’m a big fan of point-form when making presentations.  It gets the thoughts out of the head and gives you the points of the debate to discuss your own way:

  • No boss will ever remember you five years after you leave for a better job as “that guy/gal who worked their butt off”.  They will remember you as the person that left them for a better job.
  • Most of us are cogs in a big angry unfeeling machine.  We can be replaced but the ease of that replacement is not fixed.  if you know or feel that it would be difficult to replace you, then damn well you should demand respect.
  • Most of us are cogs in a big angry unfeeling machine.  If you can be easily replaced then do your job and stop thinking you are un-replaceable.
  • The machines that turn the gears and cogs come and go a lot.  You should come to the realization that this is the way the world works and you should emulate them.  As soon as you feel the urge, start looking.
  • Know the terms of your employment agreement.
  • A job is JUST A JOB.. you are not defined by your job.  Stop acting like it’s important unless of course it IS an important job (like you are a Doctor, President of the United States, Stephen Hawking, Neil Patrick Harris).  Your family will not forgive you for putting your job ahead of them.
  • You probably make almost as much money as you need to be happy.  You just need to shuffle priorities.
  • Turn off that damn phone.
  • Leave that phone in your desk drawer on weekends.
  • Stop emailing people late at night to make it look like you are working (nobody cares except the people who don’t  matter.)

Go forth.  Enjoy life. Write a book.  Paint a picture.  Sing a song. Do Karaoke. Sew a button on your shirt. Ogle that waitress.  Learn to knit. Play with your kids.  Shut up about work when you are not at work.

Live for you.

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