Writing Assignment


Here is a fun game if you are stuck for ideas, have “writers block” or just find your self bored, trapped in an elevator with a fully charged laptop or smartphone.

First, take your iPod or other music containing digital device (I am assuming you have an iPod or something else that contains a whack of music).

Hit shuffle or random play or whatever the hell it is called on your device.

Take the first 12 song titles and write them down/copy them into a writing program.

First song title is the prologue, last is epilogue, middle ten are chapters or if you are pressed for time, paragraphs.

Write a story using those as your guide. You can either utilize just the title as the theme of the chapter or paragraph or use the basis of the song as a whole. Here is my list:

Prologue: Intermission (Kraftwerk)

  1. Girlfriend in a Coma (The Smiths)
  2.  Happy Jack (Monaco – a most excellent song Garth!)
  3.  No Sleep Til Brooklyn (Yeeeah! Beastie Boys!)
  4.  Ecstasy (New Order)
  5.  Beyond the Sunrise (Belle and Sebastian)
  6.  Jumps the Fence (Brighton Port Authority)
  7.  And She Was (Talking Heads)
  8.  Kill Everyone (Skrillex.. one of my sons songs.. how the hell it got on my iPod I have No idea)
  9.  Keep this Party Going (B52s)
  10.  Radioactivity (Kraftwerk again)

Epilogue: Sweet Lovin’ Man (Magnetic Fields)

 So, there you go. Go forth and write.

Wait, you want ME to take time out of my day and write something? But, but… It’s my idea! I’m the instigator. I don’t actually want to.. Fine. Fine.

I accept my own challenge. Random Song Derived Story #1 will be completed in a few days.

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