Night, living, dark and thick
An entity it is, fluid and silent
It hides those that fear you
It hides those that wish to eat you
I fear the night
I feel most at home within it’s clutch
Crisp, hot, dry, heavy, cold
It matters not, night is accepting
Night is welcoming
Night sucks you in and makes you at one with it
And at one with those that hide within it’s embrace
And at one with those that wish to eat you
Night is not judgemental
Night is living
Night is thick
Night is dark
Night welcomes all

Dumb Kitteh


Cat: Oh look at me.. I’m so smart. I just attacked my master when he tried to get in bed because he wouldn’t give me a second small tin of cat food tonight. He never does but I know he will some day so I keep trying. Stupid human.

Human: Nice try cat. Guess what.. you have your annual appointment at the vets tomorrow morning. That means I’m stuffing you in the carrier, driving you 20km each way all the while you will be yowling. You will be getting needles. You will be getting a deworming pill. You won’t get to bite me as I won’t be doing it. Ha! Stupid cat..


Dear World. I don’t care if Lance Armstrong cheated. I don’t give a flying f#$k because:
A. I dont about bike racing. It is tediously boring as all get go. Buzz buzz buzz. Look at the pack of people ride up another hill. Oh look, one guy whiped out. My word, something exciting happened. What is it, day 97?
B.  I don’t care if athletes use performance enhancing substances. I dont. If we can let a guy run a race in the Olympics with carbon composite bouncy fake legs, why is it not okay to let people use chemicals that simply increase blood and oxygen flow to muscles or allow them to increase muscle mass faster when working out. It’s not like they are implanting nuclear power plants in their ass.
C. A lot of the people complaining are people that spent who knows how many years wearing livestrong rubber wrist bands. Still a valid cause. Not invalid just because the spokesman is making you feel a tad embarrassed
D. I still like Milli Vanilli as much as I did when they were popular.