A review of Argo by Adrian Mattes

Directed by Ben Affleck
Based on the book by Tony Mendez
120 Minutes

Ben Affleck irritates me. I think it started with the over-the-top fratboy caricature he played in the 1993 surprise hit Dazed and Confused. (Has he really been acting for 20 years?!) And let us not forget his rather malodorous romantic lead choices – think Pearl Harbour and Gigli.

Possibly because I’m a ’70s child and a history buff, I really connected with Argo.. Set during the 1979-80 Iran hostage crisis, Affleck plays CIA agent Tony Mendez who hatches an outlandish and improbable plan to rescue U.S. embassy staff hiding in the Canadian embassy in Tehran.. They would pose as a Canadian film crew scouting an exotic location for a Sci-Fi movie…during the middle of a revolution. What could possibly go wrong?

The details are meticulous, from the clothing to the hairstyles, cars and authentic set design – all spot-on and worthy of an Oscar or two. John Goodman and Alan Arkin are also great comic relief in an otherwise serious, suspenseful and entertaining, but not great movie.

With Argo, Ben Affleck shows that he’s clearly a better director than an actor.

Adrian Mattes

One thought on “A review of Argo by Adrian Mattes

  1. It was good, that’s for damn sure, but there also felt like something was missing from the final-product to really take us by storm. Everybody’s fun to watch and the movie has it’s tense moments, but overall, it’s not as exciting when you know the out-come beforehand. Nice review.

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