Roadside Memorials

Discussed this today with my wife as we passed yet another plastic bunch of flowers and a homemade cross at the side of the road.  Why do people do this? Maybe I, we (I’m dragging her into it as.well) am/are evil or sociopaths, but if someone hung themself, you wouldn’t put a plaque up on the branch… If someone had a heart attack in bed you wouldn’t memorialize the pillows. What happened with flowers on a grave where the corpse lies patiently awaiting the zombie apocalypse and a poorly written, over-glowing review of their life (“everyone loved him!!!”) In the paper?

When will it end? If there is a mid air collision will we have geosynchronous hot air balloons marking the spot? Will water in which a person has been eaten by a shark collected, frozen and put on display?

I don’t get humans.

Last Day on Disney Magic


So sad to leave.. spent the day packing and filling in time. Lunch however was the BEST LUNCH EVER.. Odd crabs I had never eater, shrimp, lobster, fish. I had never before or since had such an amazing lunch.

Next day, woke early to watch chip dock in NYC.  Drive home uneventful.  Stopped at the Skydeck and oddly saw a HUGE private yacht in the 1000 Islands.  It was Roman Abromovich.

Amazing Vacation ended.

Another around the corner.

Summary to follow, as well as a susprise horror story I have been working on in a week.  Its Lovecraftian!

Second Last Day of Cruise :(



















The second last day of the cruise.  Starting to want to be home.  Then a STORM brewed.. It was amazing.  Sea was calm and still.  Shop came to a stop.  Wall of cloud, black against the starry sky roiled toward the bow of the ship… Karen and I went up as high as we could, as forward as allowed to watch it come in.. when it hit the antenna sizzled with static energy and the wind was wild.. It was something I always wanted to see, a front at sea, and I was in the midst of it.  Amazing and fun and frightening all at once.

In Which We Finally Get to the Magical Kingdom!

I lost my watch and my sunglasses and my Disneyland virginity… can I say that without being arrested?  Can I say that without the ghost of Walt ripping off my lip hair and crushing my skull in my sleep?  I think I can, because it is in fact, scientifically proven, the happiest place on earth.  Nobody is ever made unhappy with regard to anything connected to Disney unless they are lying.

Yay Disney!



Again with the trip! Oy Vay! July 2 cont and July 3

This is kinda like those 1970s sitcom eps where someone shows up with a slide projector and 500 slides from their trip to a kibbutz except you can tell me to leave or just change pages… BUT DONT!  Storms off of Cape Hatteras!  Arrr!  AVast!  Batten down the mizzen hole! Jib jab the Swede’s Nipples!  Ahoy!

Oh, and Nassau.. Which was okay.. Well, the snorkeling was.  The town was third world commercial.  But where else can you get a mini-bottle of rum tapes to a can of coke and a cup for ease of street-drinking!