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And they rose
And they crawled
And they slithered and grappled with the land
And they found their way to a seaside town

The sleepy town lay still
The sleepy town snored in moonlit bliss
The sleepy town blanketed in low fog awaited the morning
The sleepy town rose

Sounds of broken glass
Sounds of voices on high.
Sounds of fear and panic rose above the misty, sleepy town
Sounds rose

Survivors found one another
Survivors rose from the ruins
Survivors found their children hiding untouched
Survivors found their wives and women of childbearing age gone

The Lord of the deep rose
The Lord of the deep found his tribute upon the island
The Lord of the deep found them huddling and uttering cries of piercing fear
The Lord of the deep uttered his own lustful cry in return

A brood was raised for battle
A brood rose up from the sea and returned to the land
A brood became went forth to gather tribute
A brood prepared for the war to come

And the deep ones rose alongside the Lord of the Deep to reclaim the earth

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The Wolverine – a flash review

I very much liked the movie. Reminiscent of the Wolverine comics of the late 80s. Violent, fun, no holds barred, very, very entertaining. A good mix of action (bucket loads), drama and Otaku pleasing Japanese scenery.

Absolutely hold on for the mid credits final scene which I won’t give away but will say that it will please you to no end.

4 out of 5

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Cabin in the Woods – a review

I must admit I was concerned that this was in fact a slasher movie. I wanted to see it when it was at the theatres however my issue is a spouse that does not enjoy horror. So I waited, and waited, and eventually rented the Bluray. It was worth the wait.

A good combination of well executed horror, comedy, subtle references to a host of horror old and new, decent quality script and effects. This movie is a must watch. Definitely recommended. No more gore than the average episode of Walking Dead or Resident Evil video game, only one scene of nudity (sadly, the wrong of two actresses in my humble opinion) and a bit of Ye olde booze and drug use. Not a flick for the kiddees but teens can handle it unless you are an ultra religious wank and therefore not likely reading this.

I give it a 4 out of 5 for a horror film, 3 out of five as a general film as apart from the comedy horror angle there isn’t much to keep your attention. Okay, maybe the boobs.


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I have a cough. It makes me sound like some filthy rag encased homeless guy who lives under a bridge. Oh Ye gods I hate being sick. I don’t get little colds, I get three days of illness compressed into one while my Wolverine like immune system fights it off. So, the trade is I feel TERRIBLE for one third the amount of time that a normal human feels mildly unwell. Yay for genetics. Ugh.

That said, there is always hope that I may infect an actual hobo as that is natures way of clearing house. Yay nature.

Cough cough.

And I have to play in a charity golf tourney today in support of the “fight against childhood diabetes”.  Ironic that I will likely make someone else sick in doing so, even given my hand washing obsession.  Maybe copious amounts of beer will act as a disinfectant of sorts.

We shall see.


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What I Am Watching

I am re-watching Lovejoy Mysteries.  It is one of my all time favorite TV shows. Every once in a while I dive back into the show and the novels. The show does not follow the books 100% but both are equally enjoyable in slightly different ways. Characters differ here a f there, Lovejoy is a bit less misogynistic and angry in the show and Tinker is less of a filthy hobo of a drunk.  Either way, very enjoyable for me.

I keep thinking I should do an episode/show guide.

Anywho, recommended.

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It Rose

Tentacles the man did see,
Rising t’ward the sky
He placed his coffee down with glee
The end of times was nigh
He stripped his tie, ripped off his shirt and dropped down ‘pon a knee
And then he closed his eyes in wait, prepared he was, to die
To travel to the dreamworld and to stay would cost dear fee
The ocean split, the people ran, his savior they did spy

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How to Fight Humans. Ep. 3

“Blunt force trauma”

This term is used in many a cop show and simply refers to bashing someone else with a non-pointy, non-edged item. Usually something harder than the human being hit is advised as opposed to things like pillows and kittens as they take forever to beat someone into submission with.

Tip: When in a situation whereby you are not 110% sure of your complete and utter safety, glance around to identify potential weapons in case someone tries to attack, beat, rape or otherwise harm you. Find two. Do it now wherever you read this.

Did you find something? Good.

Practical: If someone does attack you, they expect you to be surprised. Don’t be surprised. Mistrust everyone. Your mother could smoke crack, drink malt liquor, greet you at the door five minutes later and be making sausages out of you 30 minutes later. If attacked, leap for object identified when you entered room and begin counterattack immediately.

As you do so, chant in your head “I will not die today!” Or “not me you bastard” or “no sausage for you!!”. Whatever works.

When the threat is gone, call cops froma safe location.

You are a superstar! (Cue the Smashmouth music)


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The wind blows lightly through the pines
The forest breathes a hiss
A naked human writhes and whines
He was not born for this

His back does arch, his hair grows long
The bones they break, reform
Muscles thicken, bulge, grow strong
A lycanthrope is borne

It shakes aside loose strips of cloth
Gobs of tissue, blood
It’s hunger grows and howl it doth
T’ward voices in the wood

Into a run it breaks to seek
That which is holding breath
Eyes wide with fear, round trees they peek
They face their moonlit death

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