Intro: The Abduction of Frank Meteor

Well, there you go. There I am, on the news, dead. That sucks. Let me grab another mimosa and put pen to paper and let you know what really happened, how I ended up in this tropical paradice and why I cannot cone home. Let me shoo away these damn locals and put on some pants first.

It all started July 6th in Frost Valley Utah…

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The Alternate Reality Grinch


Slogging through the frozen waste

The Judas of his tribe

Far too cold to walk with haste

Too poor to offer bribe

He shrugged his shoulders, lost the ice

Adjusted sword and bow

Checked his satchel full of rice

Made is pipe bowl glow

T’ward the city full of light

Song and Christmas cheer

Trees arose and shone so bright

Locals guzzled beer

The man he stood, he waited then

Until the midnight hour

Then decided it was when

He’d ravage town so dour

Stole their things one house by one

Burned them in the square

Took away each source of fun

Left their Christmas bare

Then he fled with his dog Max

To his wretched cave

And hung himself till rope was slack

An icy, lonely grave


Oh age, reminder of youth lost and gone
Wrinkles that show from whence confidence shone
Eyes now quite tired so early at night
Memory slow, body cautious of fight

A mind that is young with desire to free
Lips loosed by rum that may speak with false glee
The day’s counting down to unplanned, unseen end
Muscle and tissues, much more slow to mend

A girl smiles your way and the mystery lies
A father she sees or just “one of the guys”
Return the fair look and go back to your drink
Here’s to days long gone by, cheers with a clink

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