Rudy sought out roadkill
Wandered to and fro
Trundled with his poking stick
O’er time hopes would grow
Found a ‘possum, found a cat
Found a husky dog
Never found what he yearned to find
Just multitudes of frog
Watched the beetles dig inside
Made the hot flesh quiver
Shoeless, took his quarry off
Down beside the river
Took the jacknife out and then
Excavated in
Washed the evil all away
Minnows ate the sin
Summers came and summers went
Turtle, gator, deer
Never did he find his prey
Once, a full grown steer
Late one night he stumbled ‘pon
Hippies camping deep
In the wood the drank and mated
Slowly he did creep
First was easy, second too
Third let out a yell
Fourth and fifth came running blind
One by one they fell
Down the river they all went
Feeding fish and bug
Rudy changed, he found his call
Murder was a drug

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