Asian Coffee Girl


Little Asian coffee girl

Makes my latte well

Smiles as if I own the place

Hopes I burn in hell

I see behind those deep brown eyes

Beyond the perfect skin

A flicker, hate, burning so deep

I could get lost within

If in my twenties I met you

In such a shop as this

I’d fawn and hang and worship you

Warning signs I’d miss

You’d play the game, be the girl

Answer a late night call

Go to movies, be my one

Then I’d take the fall

I can see the spark inside

A twitch of lip, a sneer

The way you clench your fist and speak

I’d never let you near

Maybe I’m just a tragic man

Cursed with crazies past

A former trusting loving soul

Who knows the good won’t last

So I smile back and sip my tea

I tip you well, then leave

And then receive a call this night

From my old good friend Steve

Who says he was going to pop by

A movie, bottle, time

But saw a woman’s silhouette

He left before the crime

Assumed I had a visitor

Didn’t know I was not there

Knew not you had followed me home

But yes, I found a hair

Long and straight and black as night

Lain inside my book

Found it as I wrote this line

Creaking, closet, look


We fell in love before we met
And she spoke my name with her lips
And she did that thing of which I can’t speak
And my hands found place on her hips

Out legs entwine when we sleep at night
Like our fingers when we walk about
Share our meals, raise our brood
Commiserate when up rises a pout

Her deep brown eyes, her reddy brown hair
Freckles she hates on her nose
And her arms and her legs and her shoulders in June
Love for her daily it grows

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Did you buy my new book yet? No, no you did not…

I know you.  I know you well.  I see you come and go and read my things and I KNOW you haven’t parted with money for my book yet.

Please feel free to do so.  It is worthwhile.  Why?  Because its a BOOK!  Books are cool!  Books are fun!  Books are in your hands and can be used for a multitude of other uses:

  • Holding doors open
  • Hitting bees/wasps/dogs/children
  • Just walking around with one makes you appear more cerebral
  • Counterweights for constructing small boobytraps
  • Place one on a seat on the train/bus and NOBODY will take it on you
  • Making uneven tables more even
  • Coasters for beer steins
  • You can read them and become smarter, like me

I highly suggest you go out and buy my new book   “..And The Horse You Rode In On” as it will encourage me to write more such books, or, perhaps, BETTER books.

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My New Book is LIVE

And The Horse You Rode In On


And The Horse You Rode In On is now live at Create Space eStore and shortly on Amazon as real, in your meaty little hands in a real world, wood fiber, glue and ink version.
Its cheap too. Under $10(just barely because I know marketing!)

Or don’t.
Who am I to tell you what to do?

But buy it (waving hands in a Jedi-like way..) buyyy iiit.

And The Horse You Rode In On… my new book




And The Horse You Rode In On… my new book

Hi all.

Sorry I have been away a lot lately and things have been promised and not posted (I assure you they are written).  I decided to put on the push and get this book out to the world finally.  On Kindle only for now, out in tree killing but much preferred by readers format in a few weeks (because, as you note, I procrastinate).