Queen of the Wood

She raised her hand, the Queen of the Wood
She spoke to assembled all
She raised her voice, the one who was good
She issued a frantic loud call
Animals came and the watched the young Queen
Animals who understood her words
Animals who knew of the threat she had seen
Animals chattered out to the birds
When she finished they fled and the flew and they ran
When she cried her tears flowed as a stream
When she walked through the mist and she called the Green Man
When he found her encased in sunbeam
And the creatures spread word and the gathered in wait
And two monarchs returned with the rain
And together lay waste to the men of the field
And they died in machines wracked in pain
No ground would be turned, no shovel dug down
No homes be built on sacred ground
No man cubs would play in a man built stone town
No peaceable village be found

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