Percy was a monstrous man
So said the neighborhood kids
He lived with scrawny unfed cats
Snooped under our garbage pail lids
We once saw him eat and entire dead groundhog
Hit by a big passing truck
Someone heard him scream all alone in the night
Parents said he’s just down on luck
Local dogs disappeared, a local zoo’s deer
Lots of cats, songbirds, squirrels and a pig
And a few passers through, a hobo or three
So in his cramped backyard, a dig
Police found the bones, the police found the clothes
Police found a lot c’ept for him
He escaped in the night, going where we don’t know
Maybe off to LA on a whim
We burned down his house after a quick night recon
In his basement, star on the floor
Books all arcane, pickling jars full of things
We could not ident, ‘hind a door
Ran to our homes and through blinds watched the blaze
Watched the fire work to cleanse all the place
But we do not feel safe no not one bit secure
For in the smoke we saw his face

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