Week 3 of my Potential Demise

So, I have been away. I haven’t written much over the past fee months and I feel I must explain. It’s summer. I have other hobbies. It’s busy at my real world job. I am focusing on planning my next “big thing”. I’m trying to catch up on reading this vast pile of books.

All lies.

I’m running.

I have in the past few years for the moat part quit playing soccer. I keep getting injured and frankly I’m constantly reminded that I could have had a good soccer scholarship all those years ago and screwed it up. My resulting career has been profitable but not as interesting as it could have been. Damn my teenage brain. Damn women and computer games and alcohol. Damn me. 

So, I’m  back to running. I’ve been in two half marathons in the past calendar year and ran two more as part of training. I have run so many 10 kilometer runs it’s ridiculous.  I can at pretty much any time of day, wake from a dead sleep, chow down on a meal replacement bar and a bannana and pop outside to run 16km, keeping the same average pace for the whole run that I have for a 10k. To me, this only means I should be able to go faster.. yes, running can be a bit of an obsession.

So, not liking running in crazy hot temperatures, I prepared to register for a fall half marathon. My wife says the horrible, dreaded, unspoken thing… “Don’t you think you might someday wish to run a full marathon..?”.

My mother ran marathons.. why can’t I? I mean, everytime I ran a half, I was okay within 15 minutes and I know I could have plodded on farther. So, yeah, I said “no way!” and within a week I had registered for one…

So here I am. Forty-seven. Training through the hot summer months, including dietary changes (yay protein and complex carbs). Here I am training over an 16 week period when I really should be doing so over a 20 week timeframe. Here I am nursing a knee injury I brought on by being a showoff at the gym and stepping off a moving treadmill. Oh well.

This has been happening over the past two weeks…

So why have I really not been writing since, well, April?

I have.

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