Tim put down his backpack
Listened like a mouse
The only sound that he could hear
In all the silent house
Was just a little scratching
Inside the basement door
And when he listened long enough
He heard a little more
A sigh and then a whisper
A voice that said his name
He said aloud “Missy?”
His sister ne’er came
He walked to the basement
His hand turned the knob
He opened it up rapidly
His action sealed the job
The wraith within was soiled, wet and dank
A creature born of death
A child’s corpse, yet fully mobile
Drowned in a flood, watery breath
It grasped his hair, clutched at a hank
Pulled him down the stair
The door shut tight, oh gods how it stank
His screams they filled the air
His mother sang in the shower
Towel died her feet
Smelled of a flower
Went downstairs, and cursed his wet shoes

Sighed at the silence

Headed for the booze

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