Grocery Store Rules

Do not park you cart in the middle if the aisle
Do not drive on the left side if the aisle unless you are in Britain
Do not get into the express lane with more than 12%.more grocery ite.s than posted limit
Do not bring your goddamn dog I to the store. Even if it us in your coat.
Do not strike up long drawn out conversations with cashier if there are people in line behind you
If it is busy and it is a bag your own groceries store, bag them as cashier is ringing them in
Do not wait until the cashier has finished before you have your payment ready
Do not pay on the left side of the scales/scanner as that is where the next person’s things are
Do not pay by cheque
Do not ask for lottery tickets are a regular counter. Go to the loser counter
Do not buy cigarettes at a regular counter. See previous point
Don’t say “witty” or snide things and turn to give other people in your line a “knowing glance”

That is all

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