The Murder

It was the perfect crime
It too fair loads of time
A planning trip, could be no slip
To end her life, sublime

A lover, long lost years ago
Of tormenting him, she made a show
Upon his mind, a taloned grip
She really had to go.

A trip was won, cross ocean blue
And he arranged to travel too
Scoped all lengths of crowded ship
Oh days long past she’d rue

Watched from afar, she sunned and drank
Lost all thought of ships that sank
Stumbled, bumbled, dress with rip
Out he came from darkness, rank

Waves were high, the ship flew up
She slipped, saw him, lost her cup
He grabbed her legs and with a flip
She shot down, while screams flew up

Into a stair he slid with stealth
Her death would bring him gold free wealth
The ocean deep they in storms grip
His joy would bring him mental health

But the sea rejected her, not her time to die
A toss of wave, a lick of wind, on lower deck she’d fly
He downed a drink, a fiery nip
She gasped, a tearful cry…

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