Advancing within the newly found tomb

Ahead of the crews of destroyers

Cameras were slung round their sweat moistened necks

Flashlights in hand , knives in other

Wandering deep into cold stony quiet

Unknowingly  passing by Mother

Alcoves were filled with remains of the dead

All tied to the rocks with taut  chain

A slit in the rock ‘neath the head of each corpse

To drain away liquefied brain

Each left wrist was encircled by a leather bracelet

Carved with depictions of Hells

And on each of these wrappings was securely tied

A series of tiny gold bells

And they trod through the dust and the roots and the bones

Until far down below at the end of the path

When the batteries needed a change

A sound from above then it rose like a wind

A tinkling, metal and strange

It took them a while, they had nowhere to run

And they doused the lights, hid in the dark

And the sounds of the bells and the clattering feet

Proceeded their way, eyes of spark

And she led the way, she who was Mother

And the army moved quiet as steam

And descended ‘pon those who transgressed their long sleep

They had nothing to do but to scream

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