If anything, social media such as Facebook brings about the opportunity to have wide reaching discussions with dozens of if not hundreds of complete strangers.  Wait, let me rephrase that, if anything, social media such as Facebook forces you to have wide reaching discussions with dozens of if not hundreds of complete strangers.

A friend the other day made a casual observation on his page that he had seen someone in their elder years who had dyed their hair bright purple.  He made a comment somewhat to the effect that he found it to be silly.  I agreed.  Numerous friends of his then weighed in on the subject.

In Ye Olde Days (pre-2005) such a conversation might take place in a bar or a living room, in near privacy contained to those within earshot.  Now, in 2015, earshot has expanded to eyeshot, to those who can see ones page (due to friendship) or in some bases anyone at all who owns a computer mainly due to a lack of active security setting management on behalf of the speaker.  When one combines this with today’s pervasive sense of entitlement and perceived rights to be able to always do anything one wants without question, any statements of opinion of another can and often do result in an argument.

In the example above, I agreed, then as usual I expanded upon my agreement with some form of sarcastic comment, because, well, it’s what Tiggers do best.  Someone, a friend of the friend, then in a sense explained that I was wrong because the Purple Hair Person was obviously an elder who like other elders nowadays “feels invisible”. Apparently they feel SO invisible, they need to turn their head in to a neon sign.  I in response then explained that (in my opinion) if one needs to decorate their body with tattoos, piercings or brilliant hair colour to be “non-invisible” ( i think I said interesting) then they are in fact not interesting to begin with.  Further, I said that perhaps they needed to work on their personality.  It went from there but I stayed out of it as frankly, I felt there were better fights to be had elsewhere.   Sadly, I was wrong and by the time I returned to the discussion it had died.  I never got to state that in Ye Olde Days, older people didn’t seem to care if they were not “visible”, probably because they were not aging boomers who are still smarting from the lack of world change they tried to initiate in the sixties. Aging boomers who worked excessively long hours at their office jobs and now wonder why younger people do not. Aging boomers who would rather have praise heaped upon them for said long hours than money because they are very, very boring.  Aging boomers who are attention whores.

However I went away to look at cat videos, because sometimes, arguing a point is so much less INTERESTING than cats.

I will never dye my hair and I would thank you to ignore me when I get old like nature intended.

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