My Morning


Cat on my legs, keeping me from rolling over BECAUSE I AM NOT A JERK and I don’t disturb a cat even when I am asleep.

OMFG we only have white bread.  Bleck.

OMFFG I have no proper black tea. I guess its odd Iranian slightly minted tea for me today.

I am SO stuffed up.

We need to go to my in-laws today for a belated Xmas event.  House is too small, no seating, food too crab laden, NOTHING TO  there and there is a dog.  I do not like dogs.

My wife will by no means  say to me “you are too sick to go”. I should try coughing up blood.

In-Law Jabba only drinks “fruit wine” so there is no possibility that I can find a liquid way to make the four hours I will be stuck there tolerable.

Follow up: I do not own a flask and there is no way my wife will let me bring a Mickey of rum.

Will I rest tomorrow? My last day before I return to the office? No. Up and out door at 9:30.

I keep forgetting to buy salt for walkway.

I shoveled most all snow off of my deck and what was left melted and froze.  Now I have a skating rink on my deck. And no salt. See previous comment.

Due to work related emergencies, I put in about 10 hours of meetings and phone calls and emails during holidays.  My boss will probably just tell me to not book that time as vacation but I really wish he’d email me and say “take an extra day off”. Granted I’d still need to everyone in to school and work so yay team.

Hold on.  High point of the morning. Just saw a bright red cardinal on a branch near my bird feeder. I was worried they were gone since the city cut down my pine tree they nested in.

Time to wake She who must be obeyed.


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