Training Tip #1 : Box Jumping


Well.  Since a number of people at the gym of late have been ignoring my borderline offensive t-shirt selection and scowl and asking me how I do certain exercises that I am using to train for the Spartan Run in July, I must look like I know what I am doing.  I therefore thought “I should write this down so people who read my ranting can at the very least have a bit of useful knowledge and not just “grr this make me mad” being their only memory of me after I die”.  I previously thought to myself “huh… I tag a post as having something remote to do with “fitness” and I quadruple my daily readers”.  So yeah.  Box Jumping.

Lets go.

I backed off of weights a while back due to a need to be better prepared for the Spartan Race thing and not just ready to punch people and lift heavy things repetitively.  Yes, more rowing machine, more running, more stair work, more incline treadmills.  Also, more bar work based on my son’s gymnastics conditioning workouts.  Also also (yes that is grammatically correct dink) I added box jumping.

Watch the video below (WITH THE VOLUME OFF because the guy is a bit bro-droney) and ignore his bad choice of socks.  Watch it for technique.  Also ignore his girly man calves (he needs to do more box jumping).

Box Jumping Video By Some Gym Brodude


  • Pick a smaller box to start.  12″ most likely.
  • Stand back 1-2 feet, band as shown in the video, swinging arms back behind you as you “load” your muscles.
  • Don’t squat down too far.
  • Land SOFTLY. If you are banging as you land you need to get a smaller box and practice before you move back up a size.
  • Land on your toes not your heels. Jump or if you need step back down and do it again after a rest.
  • Don’t do what I did and work your way up to a 24+ inch box as fast as possible and go for 5 sets of 10 jumps as if you are curling 35 lb weights to tone.  I shredded my shins twice on the edge of the box and I still have the scars*.


  1. When you land, stay on your toes and raise yourself up to half squat, hold it for 5 seconds before you step back or jump back down.  Oh and DO NOT fall and smack your face on the box. I have not done this but seen someone almost do it the other day.
  2. Sets: as many as you can safely do but STOP when you start to feel like you are actually getting something out of it. Yeah, helpful, I know.  Lets say 3.
  3. Reps: not as many as you might think. Three (3) sets of 5-10 is pretty good but as you increase height decrease numbers otherwise your shins will look like shredded cheese, but red and gross.

*When a pretty gym girl walks by DO NOT WATCH HER if you are jumping.  Do not watch her.  Seriously. Do not. She’s too young for you anyways. That little laugh she made after you slipped and smashed your shins?  That’s how it sounds when your manliness has evaporated.  In fact, a pretty girl laughing at you is how your manliness IS destroyed.  it’s one of their magical powers, these pretty young gym girls.




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