And He Watched

And he watched

From the kitchen window as he sipped his herbal

Into the nocturnal pitch he stared

Anticipating a flash of eye

but none

was offered he

And he watched

From the livingroom window

Beside his fire, warm and crackling

Awaiting proof

But none made itself visible

He could hear them through his open blinds

as he did not sleep

as he lay


so alone

And he watched

From the safety of his raised wooden deck

axe in hand

glass of whisky in other

Of course,

they did not appear

but they saw

And he watched

As his wife and children fled

his obsession





And they did not appear

But he heard them

and he smelled their musk

and he knew they who stole away his brother

and father

and mother

were back

to finish their work

for his family were tied to the wood

and the wood tied to they

but the things, the wretched scaled hissing things

they wanted the wood without ties



And he watched

As they in the darkness planted seed

stretched root

pulled runner

made the wood move

toward his cabin



close, enough

And he watched

And he fell

into ruin

and sickness

and sleep

And they watched

And they saw

and by night they stole into his open window

and tore him asunder

And he watched as they did rend

and he watched as light failed his glassy eyes

and as they screamed in guttural glee

and he knew

all was lost

as the moon rose into the sky

full and silent

and made twisted shadows on the open blinds

and he slept, confident in the knowledge

that one day they would know

he was right

As they dragged him into the wood

to become one with they

and his

and theirs

and the wood



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