Yes, An Underwear Article

I am VERY picky about certain articles of clothing I purchase.  I like funky socks for work days, ankle length ones that are thin for the gym and thick woolen ones for working outside in the winter.  I also now like compression socks for running.  Shall we talk about polo shirts?  Square even bottom, not the ones that are longer at the back for tucking in because NOBODY SHOULD TUCK IN A POLO.  Also some brands are good, some weird.  For example a standard normal fit Tommy Hilfiger polo makes me look like the hulk and not in a good way. Pants? Slim through the knee to ankle, low waisted okay if with an untucked polo but NOT a tucked in long sleeve shirt unless it’s the only option. I can go on, and on, and on.  Mt grandfather was a tailor and I can yap about clothes all day, even though having three kids means I don’t spend anywhere near as much as I want to on clothes.

Underwear I am also very particular about. I have been known to find a brand I like and that brand changes materials and designs and I will NOT BUY ANY MORE until I find a suitable replacement which can take months.  I know.  I’m an anomaly when it comes to men.

Last spring I was about to finish my four month’s training and be in a Spartan Sprint (highly recommended, hardest thing I have ever done, doing three yest year).  I needed proper wicking sports underwear and not the usual “whatever boxer briefs I happen to have in the drawer” I usually throw on.  I found Saxx.  Saxx Kinetic to be exact.  The ones below to be more exact. Might I just say that if I had it my way I would replace every single pair of underwear I own this very moment with them. they fit gloriously. They stayed in place during the 3 mile + slog fest obstacle race I was in.  I wear them to work and just doing nothing at all. I love them.


They aren’t cheap.  My aforementioned grandfather would spin in his grave at the idea of $40 a pair but they are worth every penny.

I am for the record setting aside $40 a month to replace my existing underwardrobe with them.  I suggest you at least try a pair and see if I am wrong (I assure you I am not).

That is all. An underwear review.

Note: if Saxx wishes to be a sponsor of my website, I will happily work for free clothing. terms negotiable.  Size Medium.



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