observations in an Irish pub

Sitting alone

it’s okay, I like being alone


eating fish and chips

Drinking a cider

reading a book

Hockey on the television

Russia versus canada

But I don’t watch

The fish is good

a couple old and grey

Dwindling in their days


but it’s okay

They kiss

They like being together

Young couples, two

Guys typical baseball 

Sad at a loss

The girls feigning interest

And sorrow

because their boys are sad

The chips are good

Guy standing at bar

Just left work though it is after eight

he is alone

He doesn’t look happy to be alone

Two hipsters

Ironic biker shirts

They wouldn’t last ten minutes

At the Hotel Belvedere

But they are here and happy

Animated talk of  some interest

Or another

The cider is good

The old gray haired lady smiles around the room

Her man is off to pay the bill

The boys smile at the girls

The loss forgotten

The girls smile at the boys

Their efforts successful

The hipsters smile at the world

Happy they have a friend for life

And my tartar sauce is good

And the guy alone at the bar

Smiles vacant at nothing

His life his job


He will get it one day

Time for another cider

Then sleep

And smiles of returning home


For being alone is only okay

In small  doses


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