With my telephone I write this…

… because I am in bed and completely meant to post something earlier then got sidetracked.

(Why did I turn the clothes dryer on…)

Winter has sprung upon us like a feisty little snow leopard.  I could see all the perennials laying on the wood mulch like washed up jellyfish just two days ago then spleacchh (that’s the sound of a lot of snow landing all at once) all this damn snow landed all at once. Now it’s frigging Hoth outside.

I saw a rabbit. It was huge. Huuuge. It looked angry. Probably because my cats killed a lot of it’s babies this year.  For the briefest of moments I reverted into neanderthal moi and pondered killing it myself and cooking it  with a little butternut squash and some potaties. (Insert disgusting ironic sloppy wet sounds of lip smacking) then I remembered I didn’t like eating rabbits. Also my son again broke his braces so we were all eating soft old people food tonight.

Rabbits are soft I have learned.

(Jesus I can hear it. Thunk thunk thunk thunk THUMP (REPEAT AD NAUSEUM).. the dryer I mean. Not a large frost giant storming around (pun intended) outside. Though I’d not be surprised. Stupid winter.

And Alan Thicke just died. Playing hockey apparently.  Now I get to tell naive Americans that this is how we all doe in Canada.  Poor bastard went to his grave knowing he helped give that numbnuts TV son of his that became a nut job rapture weirdo a start…

(I’m seriously going to have to turn that dryer off till morning…)

And it’s winter. And cold. And I put insulating plastic on almost all the windows in the house but not the one above my head of course.

(It’s making a new noise now. Washing and drying two feather duvets at once is  a Bad Idea…)

So that’s out really. No complaining.  No promoting books. No.. 

…seriously what the hell? It just beeped to signal that it’s done drying. No chance. I’m not getting out of bed to check. . Bastard dryer.

.. no political rants. Just me being cold and everyone in the house asleep.

Need time. 

1:50 am. Clothes definitely not dry. All clumped up into a ball. Ugh. Turn them back on. Sleep
2:15 am. Stupid dryer. Thump thump thump. 


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