Refresh, Reboot, Going Pro

Jesus Resurrection-07

Oooh they’ll be so surprised.  No they won’t.  They won’t care.  A small select group of them will even notice. That’s what will happen come September 15 when things change.

You see, after years of rambling on about it, come that day two weeks away, I’m doing a bit of truncation and what the heck, there are enough of you here that I will tell you now in advance so as to not cause PANIC.  Okay, perhaps PANIC isn’t the word.  More, mild curiosity.

  1. This Webpage (I hate the word “blog”). It’s being renamed, rebranded and republished.  Old things will still exist however the focus will be different, more frequently updated and more organized. I will have in place a storefront whereby people can buy my bookish things, crap   so as to I dunno, drive up interest before I actually get around to finishing my next underselling masterpiece.
  2. I’m already deleting existing page as of today, now in fact.  New feed will directly be connected to page.  Strictly official and such.  Right now it’s just thousands of tweets of my rambling attempts at short humour and arguments with the Current US President.
  3. Facebook: This page needs a facebook page of its own.
  4. Podcast flagship page and reposts (yeah, I’m finally doing that)
  5. Youtube will also be re-freshed


I’m going pro.



All in all, I’m truncating my existing, upgrading what needs to be upgrading and moving forward  Onward and upward and all of that.




Hoy Hoy