Jarv Is – House Music All Night Long

The world needs Jarvis Cocker more than ever, to put us in our place, to make us dance or to share suffering in a communal musical way.

I dare not analyse the new song too much because it should be obvious to all who listen what it’s about.. but there will, guaranteed, be someone who slaps a fast dance beat on it because they don’t get it…

The video contains all you need.


House Music All Night Long by Jarv Is

As you were you sad lot. Dance. Alone if you will, but dance.

The Scourge!

It’s Revelation Sunday.. no, not in the religious sense..

Facebook is a scourge. What was intended as a fun online space where people can interact with (and meet new) friends has devolved. It has become a monetized algorithm run platform that mines your data, “likes” and “dislikes”, and sells you things through targetted ads. Cue the Charlie Brown speech against commercialization of Xmas.

Facebook is a place where like minded people who feel ostracized by meat space interaction with others and associated peer pressure can find one another and thrive! The problem is that for every parents group, group for people with an illness or charity supporters, there is an equal or larger group of racists, MRAs, anti vaccination people or violence minded radicals who are convinced they are not outcasts, but normal.

Facebook is where people post their best and hide their worst, filtering every comment, opinion or selfie to ensure their target audience is appeased and their ratings are high.

Facebook is a time suck that makes you think sitting in a chair and sending out commentary and opinion to utter strangers is normal. It isn’t.

We shouldn’t be here as often as we are.

This isn’t the normal way humans interact.

Targetting and editing every aspect of what you say and do for “ratings” which frankly, “likes” are, isn’t normal.

Hiding inside secure virtual micro communities to bolster your fringe beliefs, ignoring the input of those around you, if not openly shunning or shutting them down with insults isn’t normal.

Facebook and social networking in general has been the cause of or catalyst for increase in hate speech and crime, terrorism, anti-vaccination beliefs, flat earth beliefs, MRA culture and lawlessness.

We should be here less. Much less. Ratings of yourself you manipulate through writings aren’t valid.

Get outside, read a book, stop oversharing with strangers in hopes of finding likes, stop worrying about your ratings, you aren’t a tv show.


And yes I am back.