Kimmy K


Kim Kardashian.  Ye gods woman, put some pants on.  While you are at it, go away. Shoo.  Begone.  You are a terrible, terrible influence on young women much as your man is a terrible influence on young men.  Shoo.  To the hills, the woods, the desert, to where the wolves await to munch upon your talentless frame(s).

Yesterday, my Twatter feed was full to the brim with (well made, bravo (clap, clap)) photoshopped incarnations of her cover pic from Paper magazine.  Her large glistening orbs set out for all to see, dwarfing any true importance she has or at least should have in our silly society where celebrity, nay, faux-celebrity is aspired to and put upon a pedestal.  This being of course, a plastic pedestal, spray painted with that fake lumpy rock paint stuff to make it look granitey.  I smirked at the pictures, where her buttocks were replaced with peaches, moons, faces, wheels etc.  I smiled at the work put into mocking her rather weighty posterior. I marveled at the relative small waist above said bum, wondering if in a high wind she would simply double over, her columns of leggy flesh holding still in the maelstrom whilst her willowy midsection crumpled.

I digress.

How did she ever become famous.  How does anyone without an actual talent become famous nowadays.  We, well, not me, you are to blame.  (Okay maybe not you, but someone you know most likely.)  People ascribe to the insane Forrest Gumpy belief nowadays that not only should everyone have the right to live their dream but said dream, especially a dream that involved being FAMOUS (without a real, valid talent) can and will be gained simply by being claimed. If one wants to be famous, one need be SEEN to be famous. Success should come to those least deserving.

She and her tedious family are connected to the OJ Simpson Trial. 

She and her tedious family are connected to Bruce Jenner (he being ONE OF THEM). 

She and her tedious family had/have (I don’t care to verify) a painfully uninteresting reality TV show.  I watched it twice as it was on the overhead televisions at the gym and I will tell you that with no word of a lie, Swamp People, a show where southern ruralites murder alligators for their skin and meat is more appealing.

I hear entertainment news people talk about her as a person of great beauty and fashion sense.  I balk.

I hear them speak about her (and her family) as if we should all know who they are.  I balk. 

I hear people, young people, in a rather fashionable clothing store, say “Oh, I saw Kimmy K wear something like that on (insert name of some show I don’t recognize and would rather be eaten by a horde of conservative party zombies than watch)”. I wonder if said people have any clue that they are giving credence to someone with nothing to offer them in terms of life lessons. I balk, feeling ill.

Women and men are equal.  We are.  We are deserving of equal treatment at all times. Individuals deserve differing treatment based on what we/they do in their lives.  People like “Kimmy K” and others of the “faux celebrity” ilk somehow bypass the process.  They gain that which they do not deserve simply because people who aspire for fame (and not being famous for DOING anything of note) see them as icons of their dreams. This is wrong.  Kimmy K deserves nothing.  She deserves not praise, attention or scorn, for she is nothing. She is a punch in the face to feminism.  She is a kick in the teeth to celebrity (and thankfully, the people that count in the entertainment business have plenty of scorn for her).  She is a rich person who did nothing to acquire said wealth apart from being born and paid attention to.

Ignore her, and her maleficent ass..

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