Losing Jules

Losing Jules is my first full length novel  that I began on a whim in April 2011.  Having only ever written semi-short to short horror stories, a script or two and a lot of bad haikus, I had been given the suggestion more than once that I should get off the pot and actually write one.  Of course, the persons who suggested such were implying that I would write a full length horror/suspense- like book, but the wheels were turning in my mind and I thought “what the hell, something different”.  I had in past years been fixated on reading a lot of Douglas Coupland, Nick Hornby etc. and thought perhaps that I could do what they do best: write a postmodernist love story. I crafted the weakest of outlines in my head, wrote it down, forgot where I put it and then came up with something else a week or two later (I tell ya, that first idea, whatever it was, would have been brilliant!).  I spent most all lunch hours, a lot of evenings and a few afternoons on weekends clicking away like the proverbial chimpanzees at typewriters and by October I was done.



I puttered away editing and re-editing, changing a few storylines (the full blown time-travel bit was crazy) and after a while was semi-happy with it.  Took a few weeks off and did it all again.  Lost a whole chapter in the file transfer process (oops), re-wrote it from memory and eventually was done.

Losing Jules is a postmodernist, non-linear love story.  It takes place over almost thirty years in Nebraska, California and about ten pages of New York (maybe five).  Its about love, loss, misunderstanding, music, wine country and bees (okay, they have a cameo).  Enjoy.


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